Clean Energy Tech Training & Development

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Clean Energy Tech Skills & Training

Photovoltaic Systems

PV Modules
PV System Sizing
PV System Electrical Design
PV System Mechanical Design
Permits and Inspection
Performance Analysis and Troubleshooting
Solar Hot Water Systems
Maintenance & Troubleshooting
Power Purchase Agreement

Wind Turbines

Electric motors
Motor controllers

Storage Battery Systems

Lithium Batteries
Battery Management Systems
Cooling Regimes

Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure

Utility interconnect policies and requirements
Utility grid stress precautions including demand response integration technologies
Role of electrical storage devices as charging intermediaries
Installing, commissioning, and maintaining electric storage devices
Charging station fundamentals including brand/model-specific installation instructions for:
Level 1: 120 VAC 15 amps
Level 2: 120-240 VAC 60 amps
Level 3: 480 VAC 125 amps or 600 VDC 550 amps
Service-level assessments and upgrade implementation
Integration of electric vehicle infrastructure with distributed generation
Understanding Internet Protocol (IP) networking of charging stations
National Electrical Code (NEC) standards and requirements
National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 70E and OSHA regulations
National Electrical Installation Standards (NEIS) for electric vehicle equipment
First responder safety and fire hazard measures
Next Generation Charging
EVSE Troubleshooting, Repair and Commissioning

Drone/UAV Charging Infrastructure